Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Beginnings

We are now four days into 2009. We've had time to make our New Years Resolutions -- and break them at least once.

So where do we go from here? Perhaps it's not so much time for resolutions as for goal setting and plan making. I have a couple of large want to do's on my list for this year. But they've been on my list for several years now, and I'm not much closer to getting them accomplished than I was last year and the year before that.

To begin with, I need to set some priorities. My Garment of Praise blog is a daily priority now. I've had a couple of blogs that died a-borning in years past. I am determined that will not happen to either of these two blogs.

The goal for this blog is to post at least once a week - or better yet, twice. But once a week is minimum.

Then there are two larger writing works in progress. In order to focus on one at a time, I've decided to put the non-fiction book as priority A. This means that I must complete at least one chapter every 10 days. At this rate, I will have completed 12 chapter drafts by day 124 of this year or May 4, 2009.

By making my goals measurable and specific, I intend to hold myself accountable to complete them.

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