Friday, December 26, 2008

My New Year Resolution

Last year was a mixed bag. There is nothing new about that. Seldom do we have a year that is all wonderful - or all simply terrible - although some have come very close.

In the worst of times, there is a small ray of light and levity. In the best of times, there is a shadow. That's just the way it is.

I'm asking my readers to hold me accountable this year. I've joined a LinkedIn group who will endeavor to read the chronological Bible this year. And I had the hare-brained idea to create a daily devotional based on those readings. This means that I will have to read - and write - ahead.

Those devotions will be found on my other blog, Garment of Praise.

My mother used to tell me that my initiative was wonderful, but my finish-ative was abysmal. And she was right. I'm too embarrassed to let you know how many projects lie unfinished.

This, however, is one that I intend to see through -- with your help and encouragement. If you read these devotionals, please comment just to let me know that you've read it. It can be as simple as "I read it." - or "Present" - or "Hi." I just want a nose count.

If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to post those as well. Just don't feel obligated to do any more than "check-in."

This will be my last post for 2008, so let me take this opportunity to wish you a blessed and fruitful new year.

Grace and peace to all.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Well, it's today. Christmas eve and my first-born's birthday - all wrapped up into one.

The house has been very busy this week with company from halfway across the nation, a kitchen full of hand-dipped chocolates, and family in and out at all hours.

Supper tonight will be potato sausage and crudites (hangover from my Swedish ancestry), followed by birthday cake. Then church and eggnog after.

It's been fun and exciting, but I'm old -- and I'll be glad when things get back to normal.

Whatever that is...

Christmas blessings to you all.

Grace and peace.